Twelve species of brachiopods of probable Wenlock age are described from a fauna of approximately 39 species from the upper part of the Whittaker Formation of the southern Mackenzie Mountains. The fauna is probably from the near-platform-edge benthic setting and is numerically dominated by smooth-shelled pentamerids.Species described are ?Dolerorthis sp. 1, Epitomyonia triseptata Lenz, Leangella sp., Rugolepyros latispondylus n.gen., n.sp. (a probable pentamerid), Reveroides sp., Harpidium (Lissocoelina) sp., Lissidium erugata n.gen., n.sp. (pentamerinid), Gracianella lissubmra Johnson, Boucot and Murphy, ?Reticulatrypa sp. 1, Whitfieldella cf. upsilon (Barrande), Atrypina (Atrypinopsis) cf. biconvexa Rong and Wang, and Glassia biloba n.sp. (lissatrypid).

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