Zircon ages from three granitoid plutons are the first to be reported from the La Grande greenstone belt. Two of the dated samples are from highly tectonized, early tectonic plutons that at the present level of erosion are just outside the greenstone belt proper. Their zircon ages of ca. 2740 Ma are emplacement ages or alternatively represent the age of maximum deformation of the greenstone belt. The third sample is from a mildly deformed late tectonic pluton within the greenstone belt. Its zircon age of ca. 2670 Ma probably represents the emplacement age. The above dates and the relationships of the dated plutons to the greenstone belt as a whole suggest that the bulk of the volcanism in the La Grande belt is older than 2.7 Ga. This limiting age indicates that the age of the La Grande "supracrustals" is similar to those of the other greenstone belts in the Superior Province.

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