In the northern Adams River area of the Monashee Mountains, British Columbia, the axial trace of the Scrip Nappe, a megascopic southwest-verging recumbent F1 anticline, can be traced upward through all stratigraphic units of the Late Proterozoic Horsethief Creek Group westward to where it is truncated by the Eocene North Thompson Fault. The Scrip Nappe has been coaxially folded by a northeast-verging, isoclinal F2 synform with a southwest-dipping axial surface and an amplitude of about 6 km. A metamorphic culmination, defined by the surface trace of the muscovite-out isograd and consisting of a series of northwest–southeast-striking isogradic antiforms and synforms, postdates Early Cretaceous F2 folding and predates Eocene normal faulting at 51–45 Ma.

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