Early Tertiary lavas and sediments were collected from two areas west and south of Prince George, British Columbia, and processed for K/Ar dating and palynoassemblages.Samples from Cheslatta Falls gave K/Ar dates of 36.5 and 37.7 Ma and yielded a palynoassemblage very similar to that from the Jackson Group in Alabama and Mississippi. This Late Eocene assemblage is interpreted as having developed in a humid subtropical environment, prior to a climatic cooling that, we believe, should be assigned to Early Oligocene time.The Tertiary lavas and sediments from the Nazko area, west of Quesnel, gave three Middle Eocene dates and over 60 species of palynomorphs. These correlate with other rocks and palynoassemblages of Kamloops Group equivalents that occur southward across the International Boundary and north to latitude 55°N. The paleoclimate was wet and in the range of very warm temperate to humid subtropical.

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