The northwestern boundary zone of the Central Metasedimentary Belt (Grenville Province) in the Haliburton area (Ontario) is a stack of alternating tonalitic and syenitic crystalline thrust sheets, transported toward the northwest on out-of-sequence, upper amphibolite facies, ductile thrust zones during the Grenvillian Orogeny, at 1060 Ma, approximately 100 Ma after the initiation of thrusting in the underlying Central Gneiss Belt. Kinematics of the deformation are complex. Predominant northwestward thrusting was, at least partly, coeval with subordinate northeastward thrusting. Late synmetamorphic extensional shears cut both thrusts and thrust sheets. Minor late thrusting on discrete ductile shear zones postdates the extensional structures. Belts of mechanically weak pelite(?) appear to have localised the thrust sheets. Highly mobile marble behaved as a relatively low viscosity fluid during transport, able to intrude and erode more competent wall rock.

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