New collections of Macrocephalitinae from the ?Upper Bathonian – Lower Callovian of Kachchh (Cutch olim) make it possible to discern six successive taxonomically distinguishable faunal associations. These are, from above, (6) M. semilaevis association, (5) M. formosus association, (4) M. dimerus association, (3) M. elephantinus association, (2) M. madagascariensis association, (1) M. triangularis association.Of these, Nos. 1, 4, and 6 formed the bases of the M. triangularis, M. dimerus, and M. semilaevis biozones respectively. The majority of the 19 nominal species and 6 genera in the literature on Kachchh may be condensed into only 6 dimorphic species of undivided Macrocephalites.

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