Seven new radiocarbon dates pertaining to deglaciation of northern Prince of Wales Island place the margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet on the island by 11 000 BP. This requires a revision of the proposed age for the Viscount Melville Sound Ice Shelf of 10 300 – 9880 BP. A revised age of 11 300 – 11 000 BP is suggested.The new dates also require revisions of the proposed Wisconsinan and Holocene history of Banks Island. Shells thought to have been thrust onshore to an elevation of 88 m by the ice shelf on northern Banks Island after 10 600 BP are reinterpreted as undisturbed postglacial marine shells recording a relative sea level of 88 m or more. This, in turn, suggests that the East Coast Sea and Jesse Till are of Late Wisconsinan rather than Early Wisconsinan age and that the Late Wisconsinan glacial limit on Banks Island as figured on the 1968 Glacial Map of Canada, rather than on recent revisions, is essentially correct.

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