Faunal assemblages of the autochthonous, shelf carbonate sequences belonging to the St. George and Table Head groups are dominated by shelly macrofossils and conodonts. Rare, usually monotypic graptolitic horizons enable correlation with the allochthonous Cow Head Group, which was deposited on the middle to lower slope, and the shelly, conodont, and graptolitic zonal schemes elsewhere in North America.The Catoche Formation of the St. George Group is of Ibexian (Canadian) age and yields graptolites indicative of the Tetragraptus approximatus and Tetragraptus akzharensis zones (early Arenig). The basal Aguathuna Formation belongs to the Pendeograptus fruticosus Zone, whereas higher parts span the Ibexian–Whiterock boundary. Graptolites suggest that the Table Head Group entirely postdates the Cow Head Group. This is supported by a Whiterock (early Llanvirn) trilobite, conodont, and brachiopod fauna.

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