The miospore and pollen discussed populations are from samples bounding the Cretaceous–Tertiary boundary in both the central Alberta Foothills and southwestern Saskatchewan.Nine new species, Aquilapollenites immiser, A. vulsus, Cranweliia suhtilis, Myrtaceidites solidus, Penetetrapites inconspicuus, Polotricolporites rotundus, Racemonocolpites formosus, Retibrevitricolporites beccus, and Striatellipollis raidiata, and two new varieties, Poiotricoiporites rotundus var. rotundus and P. rotundus var. pumilus, are described. Five new combinations, Gabonisporis cristatus, Nyssoidites anulatus, Pandaniidites typicus, Retibrevitricolporites marginus, and Ulmoideipites hebridicus, are made. The morphology of five previously described species is discussed and a key to species of Ulmoideipites is presented.The definition of these taxa is to further aid in the understanding of the floral events associated with the Cretaceous–Tertiary boundary interval.

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