A paleosol and organic-rich horizons occur in Bessette Sediments near Meadow Creek, south central British Columbia. The paleosol is at least 42 000 years old and formed on a paleoslope adjacent to some precursor to Meadow Creek. On higher parts of the paleoslope, the soil developed under locally dry conditions and influxes of eolian material; a regosol formed near the base of the paleoslope marginal to a floodplain. Pollen assemblages from the organic-rich horizons are grouped into two assemblage zones. MC 1, approximately 42 000 years old, is dominated by arboreal pollen, mainly Picea. MC 2 (approximately 34 000 years old) is dominated by Picea in conjunction with significant amounts of Tsuga heterophylla. Paleoclimatic implications of the assemblages are that temperatures 42 000 years ago were approximately 3 °C cooler than present but by 34 000 years ago had ameliorated and were similar to or slightly cooler than present.

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