The Wakeham Group is a suite of low-grade (greenschist facies) rocks located in the eastern Grenville Province. In order of volumetric importance, it consists of sandstones, acid volcanics, and gabbro dykes and sills. This report deals with the acid volcanic member of the group. Primary textural features have in large part been preserved. The minerals present include stilpnomelane, white mica, albite, titanite, and zircon. Calculations using 33 chemical analyses show that 29 of the compositions have normative corundum. The rocks would therefore appear to be predominantly peraluminous; however, incompatible trace-element data show affinities with other anorogenic, peralkaline suites. It is proposed that alkali loss, probably during the subsequent Grenvillian orogeny, imposed a peraluminous composition on originally peralkaline rocks. The Wakeham Group cannot be definitively correlated with other metavolcanic rocks found in the region.

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