Seven samples of peat or wood were collected from four small sedimentary basins on Anthony Island. Elevations of these sites range between 31.1 and 2.5 m above mean sea level. Radiocarbon dates from these indicate that sea level has not exceeded 31.1 m since 12 300 years ago. Furthermore, sea level has been less than 12.7 m above mean sea level since about 4000 BP and has declined at about 2.5 m/1000 years. A well-defined scarp with relict surge channels and sea caves may define the postglacial mean sea-level maximum at about 12–15 m. A date of 1750 ± 120 BP at the base of a pond is particularly significant, since it places a maximum possible age on the Skung-gwai village site (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and other known archaeological sites near present sea level.

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