New and previously described conodont taxa are reported from the upper Chazyan (Llandeilian) Cobbs Arm Limestone of New World Island, north-central Newfoundland. In addition to Ansellidae n. fam., (the following new taxa are described: Ansella n. gen., with type species Belodella jemtlandica Löfgren, 1978, Goverdina alicula n. gen. n. sp., Serraculodus alveus n. gen. n. sp., and Walliserodus dolabellus n. sp. The conodont apparatus compositions of the following species are also described: Ansella nevadensis (Ethington and Schumacher), Scalpellodus cavus (Webers), Walliserodus ethingtoni (Fåhræs), and W. nakholmensis (Hamar).

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