Braided river, sheetflood, and playa lake sediments of the Tynemouth Creek Formation (Lower Pennsylvanian) show superficial synsedimentary faulting and subsurface post-depositional sediment remobilization. A prominent palaeosol has been offset 90 cm on two faults, movement on which clearly preceded deposition of the overlying beds. Seventeen to 25 m below this horizon, large load structures, upward-branching siltstone intrusions, and three types of sandstone dike are recognised. Intrusion occurred on several occasions at different depths of burial and was the result of rapid, probably earthquake-induced dewatering. This interpretation is supported by the location of the study area, only a few kilometres to the north of the Cobequid–Chedabucto Fault, on which major strike-slip movement occurred during the Pennsylvanian.

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