Two whole-rock suites of metavolcanic rocks from separate volcanic belts of the Churchill Province in northern Saskatchewan have been dated by Rb–Sr. Samples from the Amisk Group of the Flin Flon Snow Lake domain provide an isochron date of 1784 ± 44 Ma; suites from the Waddy Lake and Devil Lake areas of the La Ronge (–Lynn Lake) domain yield isochron dates of 1814 ± 26 and 1854 ± 100 Ma, respectively. All are regarded as minima for, but close approximations to, emplacement ages. The maximum crustal age of any suite cannot greatly exceed 1850 Ma.Previous Rb–Sr and U–Pb isotopic dates together with these new determinations confirm the contemporaneous existence of two volcanic arcs, active during the late Aphebian (1875–1784 Ma) in the Churchill Province.Low initial 87Sr/86Sr ratios (0.7017–0.7022) are consistent with a petrochemically inferred subduction-related origin for the volcanic rocks with no closed-system reworking of Archean crust, and a linear evolution of 87Sr/86Sr ratio in the magmatic-arc mantle source region from 4.55 Ga to the present.

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