The first waagenophyllid coral to be described from the Western Hemisphere has been found in Permian rocks of the "Harper Ranch Group," near Kamloops, southern British Columbia. It is Parawentzelella?(Miyagiella) johnstonae sp. nov., associated with the tabulate coral Multithecopora?larushi sp. nov., numerous brachiopods, and other fossils. The containing rocks are considered to be allochthonous, originating in the western part of the Paleopacific Tethyan Ocean or in an island-arc complex farther to the north.The outcrop yielding the fossils appears to be a stratigraphic misfit, both in age and origin. Fusulinids from adjacent areas are of Early Permian (Wolfcampian) age but those associated with the fossils indicate a Late Permian (Guadalupian) age. These conflicting dates cannot, at present, be reconciled. The Tethyan origin of the fauna also contrasts with that of surrounding rocks, which are "non-Tethyan."

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