Three encrinurid species from the Ashgillian of the Percé area, Québec, are revised: Erratencrinurus (Celtenerinurus) perceensis (Cooper in Schuchert and Cooper), Erratencrinurus (s.l.) sp., and Atractopyge veneficus n. sp. Erratencrinurus (C.) perceensis closely resembles E. (C.) multisegmentatus (Portlock), probably indicating a Cautleyan age for the type locality, Priest's Road, and for unit 2 of the White Head Formation. Celtencrinurus is restricted to include only species closely resembling E. multisegmentatus, the type species. Atractopyge veneficus n. sp. resembles A. confusa Owen, from the Rawtheyan of the Oslo region, Norway, in cranidial characters, but the pygidium is distinctive.

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