The Wilson Creek experimental basin is located on the slope of the Manitoba Escarpment, southwestern Manitoba. Observations of groundwater regime, weather conditions, and stream discharge were carried out in this basin from 1965 to 1980. Using groundwater fluctuations in observation wells, it was found that the values of the specific yield of till range from 0.03 to 0.04 and the specific yield of shale is equal to 0.04. Calculated vertical hydraulic conductivity of till ranges from 2 × 10−4 to 3 × 10−4 m/day.On the basis of these determinations, groundwater balances for separate segments of the watershed and for the whole of the basin were calculated. Considering the basin as a whole, it was found that the average values of groundwater-balance components during spring–summer seasons were as follows: infiltration, 111 mm or 30% of precipitation; evaporation, 58 mm or 19% of precipitation; and groundwater runoff, 61 mm or 20% of precipitation.

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