Two small outcrops of limestone on Jones Island, northwest Washington, have yielded Devonian conodonts. Conodonts from locality 1, on the northern shore of the island, include Icriodus cf. I. brevis Stauffer, Icriodus cf. I. expansus Branson and Mehl, Polygnathus xylus Stauffer, and Ozarkodina semialternans Wirth, indicating a late Givetian to early Frasnian (hermannicristatus zone) age. Conodonts from locality 2, on the eastern shore, include Amydrotaxis n. sp. and Ozarkodina remscheidensis (Ziegler), indicating a probable Lochkovian age within the eurekaensis to pesavis zones. The species are mostly cosmopolitan. The exception may be Amydrotaxis n. sp., which belongs to a genus known as yet only from Cordilleran North America and eastern Australia.

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