The Upper Cambrian? – Arenigian succession of Bell, Little Bell, and Kellys islands, Conception Bay, eastern Newfoundland, consists of at least 1500 m of interbedded micaceous sandstones, siltstones, shales, and ironstones. The succession has previously been formally subdivided into only two groups, namely, a lowermost Bell Island Group and an overlying Wabana Group. The existing lithostratigraphic nomenclature below group level has, to date, only been informally proposed and is therefore herein formally revised. The lowermost Bell Island Group comprises from base to top the Kellys Island, Little Bell Island, Beach, Redmans, Ochre Cove, and Dominion formations. Of these, the Ochre Cove and Dominion formations are newly proposed and the Beach Formation is considerably revised from its historical usage. The Beach Formation contains two newly proposed members, the McGraw and Eastern Head members, both of which in previous nomenclature were informally referred to as "beds." The disconformably overlying Wabana Group comprises from base to top the Powers Steps, Scotia, Grebes Nest Point, Gull Island, and Gravel Head formations. Of these, the Gravel Head Formation is revised from its historical usage and the remainder are newly proposed. The Powers Steps Formation contains a newly proposed member, the Youngsters Gulch Member, previously in part referred to informally as the "pyrite bed."

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