A chitinozoan microfauna is described from the middle part of the Table Head Formation (Diplograptus decoratus Zone, Llanvirn age). It includes Fustichitina langei, Conochitina poumoti, Conochitina pirum, Conochitina subcylindrica, Conochitina cf. C. bulmani, and Desmochitina cf. D. lata. Considering the proposed synonymy, this microfauna appears to be similar to that previously described and assigned to the Caradoc by Neville. This resemblance suggests that Neville's microfauna is also of Llanvirn age. The absence of Lagenochitina baltica in both assemblages confirms the value of this species as a guide fossil for the late Caradoc – early Ashgill.The relationship between the Table Head microfauna and those of the upper Arenig (Zone D) Levis Formation and of the Llanvirn Goldwyer Formation of the Canning Basin of Australia is documented.

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