The Scrip Nappe, a large recumbent anticline that occupies the northern Selkirk and northern Monashee Mountains, has an inverted lower limb, some 50 km in length across strike, and comprises stratigraphic divisions of the Hadrynian Horsethief Creek Group, which can be traced southward with decreasing metamorphic grade through the Selkirk Mountains to the northern Purcell Mountains. The Scrip Nappe has a southwesterly vergence and it formed that way during the first folding phase of the Mesozoic Columbian Orogeny. Metamorphism no greater than biotite zone accompanied that first deformation. The nappe was subsequently refolded into tight northeast verging folds. Metamorphism rose to upper amphibolite facies late in the second deformation phase. After the metamorphic climax, northeast verging buckle folds and associated crenulation cleavage formed locally during a third folding episode. The entire nappe complex was then carried northeastward, on the Purcell thrust, over the folds and thrusts of the western Rocky Mountains.

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