Alternating field and thermal demagnetization study of the Lac St-Jean anorthosite and related rock units in the central portion of the exposed Grenville Province reveals two components of magnetization, one of reversed and the other of normal polarity. Both components are thought to have been acquired during the last regional metamorphism, which was sufficiently intense in this area (mostly amphibolite grade) to reset any earlier magnetization. Corresponding paleopoles at 193°W, 8°S (dm = 7.3°, dp = 4.6°) and 213°W, 19°S (dm = 10.5°, dp = 8.5°) lie along the 950–900 Ma segment of the recently calibrated Grenville track of the North American apparent polar wander path, a track that has thus far been defined largely by results from rock units of the western Grenville.

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