Previous studies of sea-level and tidal amplification in the Bay of Fundy suggested a linear increase of tidal amplitude as relative sea level rose. New data presented here are used in a numerical tidal model in an effort to reproduce paleotidal regimes over the last 7000 years. Five new sea-level curves covering the last 4000 years and some previously published data extending the record back to 7000 years before present (BP) are used as the data base. These data, when used together with the tidal model, indicate that tidal amplitudes increased much more rapidly between 7000 and 4000 years ago than in the period 4000 years ago to present. It is also shown that changes in depth within the Bay of Fundy produce little effect on the tidal amplitudes, whereas such variations in water depth on Georges Bank account for almost all the change. This calculation of tidal-amplitude changes allows calibration of sea-level curves to be made for the Bay of Fundy using higher high-water (HHW) indicators.

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