We describe six major stratigraphic units from the hitherto neglected Quaternary sequences along the north shore of Lake Ontario between Oshawa and Port Hope. These units, from the base upwards, consist of the following: a lowermost unit of silt till, apparently overlying bedrock; a complex unit of lacustrine and glaciofluvial sediments with several thin silt tills, usually unconformable on the lowermost unit; a glaciofluvial sand unit, filling valleys cut into the underlying units; a unit of two sandy pebbly tills; a silt till; and varved clays and sands of glacial Lake Iroquois.Though the sections show more erosional intervals, the above units can be correlated with the better known Scarborough sections as follows: the lowest unit with the Sunnybrook Till; the overlying complex unit with the Meadowcliffe Till and associated sediments; the two sandy pebbly tills with the lower Leaside Till; and the overlying silt till with the Halton Till.The inferred geological history is similar to that of the Scarborough area.

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