Labyrinthus soraufi Kobluk 1979, previously known only from the upper Lower Cambrian Forteau Formation of southern Labrador, has been found within upper Lower Cambrian to lower Middle Cambrian Epiphyton mounds from the upper part of the Shady Dolomite in southwestern Virginia. This problematical fossil was a contributor to framework growth in both of its known occurrences. This find extends the geographic range of this fossil to include the southern Appalachians, and shows that L. soraufi is not a fossil unique to the Cambrian of Labrador but may possibly occur more widely through the North American Lower (and Middle?) Cambrian. The absence of archaeocyathids from the Epiphyton mounds in the Upper Shady Formation shows that L. soraufi was not restricted to archaeocyathid-bearing mounds or reefs.

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