Volcanism in the Gamitagama Lake greenstone belt, 50 km south of Wawa, Ontario, on the east shore of Lake Superior, took place graphic ago at the same time as similar volcanism in the much larger Abitibi greenstone belt to the east. Two post-orogenic intrusions in the metavolcanic–metasedimentary terrain are coeval at graphic and graphic and could very well be comagmatic as suggested by Ayres. A granitic sill in a metasedimentary–granitic migmatite terrain that borders the greenstone belt to the southwest has an age of 2615 ± 10 Ma and is much younger than the post-orogenic plutons to the northeast. This migmatite region represents either an uplifted deep zone that remained hot long after volcanism or a region that accumulated heat as a result of its sedimentary cover.

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