An ammonite fauna near Frank, Alberta represents the first record of upper Bajocian strata in the Fernie Formation. The fauna consists of Megasphaeroceras cf. M. rotundum Imlay, Spiroceras cf. S. orbignyi Baugier and Sauzé, and fragmentary stephanoceratids and is correlated with the zone of Megasphaeroceras rotundum (Subfurcatum standard zone; early late Bajocian), which is also known in southern Alaska, eastern Oregon, western interior U.S.A., central Peru, and the Andes of Chile and Argentina. A fragment of Leptosphinctes cf. L. talkeetnanus (Imlay), which is latest Bajocian to early Bathonian in age, occurs 21 m above the Megasphaeroceras rotundum fauna.

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