The Gamitagama greenstone belt is situated to the south of the Archean Wawa belt of the Superior Province, and is about 50 km south of Wawa, Ontario. The Rb–Sr ages being reported here show that the metavolcanic and associated metasedimentary rocks are older than 2665 ± 45 Ma, which is a whole-rock isochron age of the pretectonic or syntectonic trondhjemitic plutons. The Gamitagama Lake complex, a calcalkalic differentiated and multiple diorite pluton, postdates the regional metamorphism and gives an age of 2645 ± 100 Ma. Potassic granitoid stocks, which are considered to be coeval with the Gamitagama Lake complex, define an isochron age of 2590 ± 80 Ma. The greenstone belt and associated intrusives are adjacent to the Southern batholith, a complex terrain of gneisses and migmatites, for which an isochron age of 2570 ± 90 Ma has been obtained. The radiometric ages reported here support the established stratigraphic sequence and prove that the rocks are Archean in age.

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