The paleoenvironment of deposition and the total organic carbon (TOC) content of two sedimentary rock sequences are studied. One has a Cenozoic age and is located on the Labrador shelf; the other is early Paleozoic and is found in the St. Lawrence Lowlands. In both sequences, variations in the paleoenvironments correspond to changes in the TOC content, despite important differences between them (age, tectonic and general paleogeographic contexts, lithologies, nature of the organic matter).A statistical processing of the data is used in order to show this parallelism between the paleoenvironment and the TOC content. In both cases, the higher the TOC content, the greater is the distance of the depositional environment from the shore. This result is in agreement with the conclusions of many other authors. This method may be very useful for detecting bathymetric variations in depositional environments, especially in monotonous sequences.

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