New Paleocene orthopteroid taxa from the Paskapoo Formation are described. All are represented by adult wings. Albertoilus cervirufi n.gen., n.sp. (superfamily Hagloidea, family Prophalangopsidae, subfamily Prophalangopsinae) is a descendant from the same stock as the Jurassic Aboilus. Phasmomimella paskapoensis n.gen., n.sp. and Phasmomimula enigma n.gen., n.sp. (superfamily Phasmomimoidea, family Phasmomimidae) extend the known existence of the family from the Early Cretaceous to the Paleocene; they are the most advanced and first recorded American phasmomimids. Pseudotettigoniinae n.subfam. (superfamily Tettigonioidea, family Tettigoniidae) is proposed to include the primitive genera Pseudotettigonia Zeuner (type genus), Arctolocusta Zeuner, and Nymphomorpha Henriksen. Genus and species incertae sedis, the oldest recorded tettigonioid, with primitive venation, is assigned to the new subfamily. Promastacidae n.fam. (superfamily Eumastacoidea) is erected to include the early Tertiary type genus Promastax Handlirsch and the oldest and most primitive eumastacoid, Promastacoides albertae n.gen., n.sp. The closest relatives of the new family are the Tertiary and Recent Eruciidae.

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