Basic intrusions of the Brock Inlier of the Northwest Territories are shown by means of paleomagnetism to be related to the Franklin diabases (specifically the Coronation suite) of the Canadian Shield, thus verifying previous correlations made through geological considerations and radiometric dating. A predominantly reverse (AR) and occasionally normal (AN), presumably magnetite, magnetic component were resolved in single specimens from five separate sills (five sites) using alternating field and subsequent thermal treatment in conjunction with vector diagrams. A presumably hematite component antiparallel to AR was recovered at one site using converging great circles. The mean A direction is at 074°, −07° (k = 15) and the average of the site poles at 165°E, 02°S (N = 5, K = 40, A95 = 12°), close to that of the Coronation suite. Two specimens from a single dyke site yielded a normal AN-type pole similar to that of the Franklin dykes to the east of the Coronation suite.

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