A low-grade metamorphic sequence consisting of thick mafic volcanic rocks overlain by calcareous flysch with very minor limestone underlies much of the Chilkat Peninsula. Fossils collected from both units are of Triassic age, probably late Karnian. This sequence appears to be part of the Taku terrane, a linear tectono-stratigraphic belt that now can be traced for almost 700 km through southeastern Alaska to the Kelsall Lake area of British Columbia. The age and gross lithology of the Chilkat Peninsula sequence are comparable to Upper Triassic rocks that characterize the allochthonous tectono-stratigraphic terrane named Wrangellia. This suggests either that the two terranes are related in their history or that they are allochthonous with respect to one another and coincidentally evolved somewhat similar sequences in Late Triassic time.

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