Coral faunas from 254.9–345.4 m above the base of the type section of the Ogilvie Formation on Mount Burgess, and from parts of other Ogilvie sections, are shown to be equivalent to late Eifelian coral faunas of the Hume Formation of western District of Mackenzie, and its correlatives in southwestern District of Mackenzie and northeastern British Columbia. Although older faunas from lower beds and younger faunas from higher beds of the Ogilvie Formation have been described previously, this is the first description of Hume faunas from the formation.The Redstoneainae, a new subfamily of the Spongophyllidae, is proposed. Two new genera, Tawuphyllum and Gaynaphyllum, and a new species, Radiastraea norrisi, are also established.Photographic illustrations of interiors of Iteophyllum virgatum Crickmay, Endophyllum barbatum Crickmay, the lectotype of Smithia verrilli Meek, and neotype of Spongophyllum sedgwicki Edwards and Haime are published for the first time.

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