Stream sediments from a 13 000 km2 previously glaciated area in central Labrador near Churchill Falls were examined for their heavy mineral content. The minus 0.25 mm (60 mesh) nonmagnetic heavy mineral fraction from 846 stream sediment samples consists mainly of magnetite, ilmenite. garnet, hornblende, epidote and minor clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene. kyanite. sillimanite, biotite. apatite, and zircon. Changes in the frequency distribution of epidote, hornblende, garnet, and sillimanite in the stream sediments correspond well with those reported in previously mapped underlying bedrock lithologies. The occurrence of kyanite and sillimanite, high concentrations of garnet and opaques (mainly ilmenite), and lower concentrations of hornblende and epidote were used to determine grades of regional metamorphism, resulting in revision of the geologic map of this area. Heavy minerals in glacial drift or fluvial deposits may be useful as an aid in mapping in glaciated areas.

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