The classical problem of the incidence of spherical waves on a plane boundary has been reformulated from the computational point of view by providing a high frequency approximation to the exact solution applicable to any seismic body wave, regardless of the number of conversions or reflections from the bottoming interface. In our final expressions the ray amplitude of the interference reflected-head wave is cast in terms of a Weber function, the numerical values of which can be conveniently stored on a computer disk file and retrieved via direct access during an actual run. Our formulation also accounts for the increase of energy carried by multiple head waves arising during multiple reflections of the reflected wave from the bottoming interface. In this form our high frequency expression for the ray amplitude of the interference reflected-head wave can represent a complementary technique to asymptotic ray theory in the vicinity of critical regions where the latter cannot be used. Since numerical tests indicate that our method produces results very close to those obtained by the numerical integration of the exact solution, its combination with asymptotic ray theory yields a powerful technique for the speedy computation of synthetic seismograms for plane homogeneous layers.

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