Gastropods from Lochkovian (Lower Devonian) beds on Prince of Wales and Baillie-Hamilton Island, Canadian Arctic, compose a small but relatively diverse part of a brachiopod-dominated fauna. The fossils probably represent subtidal photic, and shallow subphotic zone environments. Seventeen species are described including six new species: Odontomaria linsleyi (an openly coiled septate species), Phanerotrema perryi, Gyronema thorsteinssoni, Cyclonema (Cyclonema) supralirata, Platyceras (Platyceras) daschi, and Subulites sinistralis. Based on the limited amount of previous work on Lower Devonian gastropods, the gastropod fauna appears to have Old World affinities, with genera such as Lytospira and Codonocheilus representing holdovers from the Silurian.

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