A preliminary relative sea level curve that covers the last 10 200 years is derived for the area of the islands and outer mainland centered on Bella Bella and Namu, the central coast of British Columbia. The curve shows postglacial emergence of 17 m over this period. The rate of emergence was ~0.6 m/100 year about 9000 BP, and present sea level was attained between 7000 and 8000 BP. Relative sea level continued to fall until the last few hundred to one thousand years BP when a marine transgression led to a rise of sea level and resultant erosion of many coastal Indian middens. Marine limits on the outer islands may reach 120 m asl, whereas in the middle part of the fiord country observed delta surfaces are lower (54–75 m asl). Elevations of raised deltas then attain ~150 m at fiord heads. A readvance of the ice front ≤ 12 210 ± 330 BP (GSC-1351) is suggested by the stratigraphy of one section.

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