A radiocarbon date of 12 600 ± 140 years BP (GSC-2295) is reported on marine shells from sands within the Robinson's Head kame moraine at Stephen ville, Newfoundland. The moraine was deposited simultaneously with a delta-kame distal to it during a brief interval of increased ice marginal activity. This is marked at Stephenville by a temporary halt in landward marginal recession, but in some other localities around St. George's Bay by a lobate readvance into the late-glacial sea. The date refers to the time of moraine and delta-kame construction and confirms an earlier estimation. Other radiocarbon dates from the area, relating more or less closely to past sea level positions at Robinson's, south of Stephenville, are used, with an hypothetical isostatic uplift curve and a published eustatic sea level curve, to produce a first approximation to postglacial changes of local sea level in the St. George's Bay region.

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