An 11-point Rb–Sr whole-rock isochron for the regionally metamorphosed Red Wine alkaline province gives an age of intrusion of 1345 ± 75 Ma (errors quoted at 2σ) and an initial 87Sr/86Sr ratio of (1.7021 ± 0.0103. Two 5-point mineral isochrons give ages of ~1000 Ma that represent metamorphic 'resetting' of the alkaline rocks. The whole-rock intrusion age compares closely with the early stage of magmatism in the Gardar Province of south Greenland where un-metamorphosed agpaitic igneous rocks, similar to those of the Red Wine Province, occur. In both provinces, alkaline plutonic rocks are associated, both spatially and chronologically, with thick sequences of continental sediments and basaltic lavas, and the new age data lend strong support to the supposition that the Gardar and Red Wine rocks are parts of the same pre-drift magmatic province and inferred rift system. The Gardar Province has, however, escaped the effects of the Grenville regional metamorphism which severely affected the Red Wine rocks.

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