Whole rock Rb–Sr dates of 138 ± 12 Ma (all five whole rocks) and 163 ± 7 Ma were obtained for granodiorite stocks in Wells Gray Provincial Park, Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia. These dates bracket the biotite K–Ar date of 143 ± 14 Ma determined previously by the Geological Survey of Canada. Two biotite – whole rock ± hornblende dates of 119 ± 11 Ma and 77 ± 20 Ma indicate isotopic resetting. Initial 87Sr–86Sr ratios vary from 0.7061 ± 0.0001 to 0.7103 ± 0.0002 for rock and mineral dates.When combined with field relations, these dates restrict regional deformation and metamorphism in this area to the time interval between Upper Triassic and Upper Jurassic. The resetting event was probably Eocene, as shown in other areas along regional strike to the north and south.

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