Llandoverian and Wenlockian age brachiopods are described from five localities in the southern and northern Canadian Cordillera. The majority of brachiopods were collected at, or close to, the shallow water platform carbonate – deep water graptolitic shale and limestone facies transition. Most brachiopods are members of moderate to deep water brachiopod communities referred to the DicaelosiaSkenidioides Community. Genera which are common in the fauna include Skenidioides, Dicaelosia, the smooth atrypid Cryptatrypa, and rhynchonellids Ferganella and Rhynchotreta, and at one locality only, pentamerids.Newly described species consist of Ancillotoechia pentaforma, Cryptatrypa glaberconcha, C. rotunda, Epitomyonia sekwiensis, E. tripseptata, and Ferganella chattertoni.

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