Two lithostratigraphic units, Quadra Sand and the Cowichan Head Formation, are overlain by Vashon till and associated glacial sediments and underlain by Dashwood and Semiahmoo drift deposits in coastal southwest British Columbia. Each unit is formally described and stratotypes are presented.Quadra Sand consists of cross-stratified, well-sorted sand, minor gravel, and silt deposited as outwash in front of glaciers advancing into the Georgia Depression at the beginning of the Fraser Glaciation. It is diachronous, deposition having commenced earlier than 29 000 years BP at the north end of the Georgia Depression but not until after 15 000 years BP at the south end of the Puget Lowland.The Cowichan Head Formation, deposited during the Olympia nonglacial interval, underlies Quadra Sand and consists of parallel-bedded silt, sand, and gravel, in part plant-bearing. The unit is divisible into a lower marine member and an upper fluvial and estuarine member.

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