Three thin, light-coloured, ash-grade tephra beds occur within the uppermost metre of peat at Otter Creek bog in southern British Columbia. The youngest tephra is related to the ~2600 year old Bridge River tephra but is probably the product of a younger and weaker eruption that directed tephra to the southeast of the vent, believed to be located in the Meager Mountain district of southwestern British Columbia. The middle unit is ~2100 years old and is tentatively correlated with one of the upper beds of set P tephra of Mount St. Helens in Washington. The lowermost tephra is equivalent to the Yn bed of set Y, derived from an eruption of Mount St. Helens about 3400 years ago.The Yn tephra has been located as far north as Entwistle in west-central Alberta but mineralogically and chemically similar tephra elsewhere in this region is ~4300 years old and thus represents an older part of the Y set. Significant compositional differences between these two extensive members of the Y set have not yet been recognized.

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