Khondalites, which form an important rock suite of the Eastern Ghats, are studied for their physical and elastic properties together with their petrology and petrochemistry. Garnetiferous quartzites exhibit compressional and shear wave velocities between 4.9–5.6 km/s and 2–3 km/s; these are higher than garnet sillimanite gneisses, which are between 3.4–5.2 km/s and 1.4–2.6 km/s, respectively. The latter are more anisotropic than the former. Velocity and anisotropy are affected by alteration of garnet and sillimanite in these rocks. The velocities show a decreasing tendency with increasing manganese oxide. Garnetiferous quartzites bear a higher fracture strength than garnet sillimanite gneisses. Elastic wave velocity studies under hydrostatic pres sure to 5 kbar indicate slight changes with increasing pressure; and the absence of kyanite and the presence of cordierite in negligible amounts suggest their formation near the low to intermediate pressure granulite field.

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