Geophysical data collected by R/V VEMA in 1973 on the shelf off northeastern Newfoundland together with data from other sources is used to define the offshore continuation of basement geophysical trends associated with the Appalachian orogen. A prominent gravity low associated with the Gander tectonic–stratigraphic zone continues offshore with a northeasterly trend to 50°N and possibly to 51°N. A pronounced magnetic low of similar trend appears as a nearly continuous feature from north of Fogo Island to the shelf edge. This and several other magnetic anomalies that trend northeast are oblique to an east-northeast striking fault of a post-middle Paleozoic and pre-Early Cretaceous age. An anticlinal sedimentary structure associated with a negative gravity anomaly with steep gradients at 50.77 °N, 53.75 °W may be a diapir.

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