Recent marine seismic reflection, bathymetric and magnetic measurements made across the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone have clearly shown that the fracture zone extends to the east of 17 °west longitude. Projections to the west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge extend the fracture zone to the North American Continental margin northeast of Newfoundland. Projection of the structural trends of the Hercynian Front from the European continental margin offer a remarkable linearity with the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone on the west. Remnants of the Hercynian Front have been identified in New Brunswick. Flemish Cap, which foundered during the initial phase of the latest opening of the Atlantic is believed to have been located on the fracture zone's southern edge, before drifting southeasterly to its present position. The alignment of the Hercynian Front with the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone is linked up on the North American continent and is offered as a possible clue to the pre-drift configuration of the Laurasian continent.

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