A unified stratigraphic nomenclature is proposed for Silurian and basal Devonian rocks in the eastern half of Gaspé Peninsula. The Gascons, West Point and Indian Point Formations of the Chaleurs Bay Synclinorium are extended into the northern part of Gaspé Peninsula. The term St. Léon is restricted to a sequence of mainly fine-grained sediments in which neither the West Point nor the Bouleaux is recognized. The term Lefrançois is abandoned. New lithostratigraphic units here proposed are the Anse à Pierre-Loiselle Formation in the Chaleurs Bay Synclinorium, the Ruisseau Bleau Formation and the Lac McKay Member of the St. Léon Formation in the Mount Alexandre Syncline, and the Ruisseau Louis Member of the St. Léon Formation in the Saint-Jean River Anticline and Mount Alexandre Syncline.

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