Rb–Sr whole-rock studies of tonalitic gneiss within the Grenville Province on the eastern extension of the Abitibi fold belt may indicate an age greater than 3000 m.y. The gneiss samples were collected up to 32 miles (52 km) from the Grenville Front. Rocks beyond this generally show the effects of the Grenvillian orogeny about 1100 m.y. ago which raised the 87Rb/86Sr initial ratio from about 0.7025 to 0.7148. Rocks more than 40 miles (64 km) from the Grenville Front show retrograde metamorphism from the granulite facies that is considered to be related to the metamorphism associated with the intrusion of anorthosite still farther to the southeast (ca. 1500 m.y.). The Archean tonalitic gneisses exhibit E–W and NE–SW aeromagnetic trends but similar rocks to the southeast exhibit aeromagnetic patterns that are chiefly N–S and may be a result of Hudsonian deformation. A small granitic body in this zone of N–S aeromagnetic pattern was intruded 1745 ± 23 m.y. ago(87Rb λ = 1.39 × 10−11y−1).

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