The Amisk Group (Aphebian?) near Flin Flon, Manitoba, consists dominantly of andesitic lava flows and pyroclastic rocks, with minor basalt, dacite, rhyolite, and epiclastic rocks. These have undergone regional metamorphism ranging from chlorite to garnet zone, and locally have been sheared intensely.Major element chemical analyses indicate that intensely sheared Amisk rocks near the Flin Flon and Schist Lake Cu–Zn ore bodies have undergone considerable metasomatism. The unsheared, regionally metamorphosed rocks have undergone significantly less metasomatism, and the compositions of the least-altered of these suggest an island arc tholeiite chemical affinity.The lithology, primary structures, and major-element compositions of lavas within the Amisk Group suggest deposition may have been in an island arc environment.

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